Beats Headphones

With Beats headphones, people are going to hear what the artists hear. Nothing is preferable to playing music and experience each booming beat, each deep bass with an advanced of quality and perfection, everything so distinct for you to listen the music just like you were being inside a studio room while it was being recorded and mixed.

Monster cable together with Dr. Dre want to creat the best earphones for customers, so that you can listen to the music in the same way of the makers and musicians hear it. Each guitar, and every vocal so clear, it’s a completely new experience.

To help improve satisfaction the Dr. Dre Studio Beats headphones have a noise canceling function that reduces external noises so that all you listen to will be the rich details of the song themselves. This feature has received many great reviews from customers and headphone reviews sites.

You usually don’t consider fashion in regards to headphones, however the Dr.Dre Monster Beats headphones turn you into think again. You can now choose a cool wireless headphone from Beats headphones collection, this ear phones will make you look good.

Depend on your choice, some beats headphones come with a various of accessories such as cable having a built-in mic for stereo cell phones, including the iPhone, Blackberry, various adapters for airplanes, or home audio.